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Who Am I?

I'm taqfu. I'm a web programmer who mainly programs in PHP (Laravel), but I do program in Javascript occassionally as well. I am also adequate in MySQL. In terms of skill level, I'd rate myself in PHP slightly above beginner and a definite beginner in Javascript. I'm looking for work so if you have any, feel free to message me on one of the sites listed above. I'm also looking to start my own business so if you're amicable to that lifestyle, let me know.

List Of Projects (In Order Of Greatness)

Random Facts About Taqfu

  1. taqfu is not my original handle. Around 2012, I abandoned my original handle. I had been using that since 1999 when I began playing Ultima Online. (Ultima Online was truly one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life.)
  2. taqfu wasn't originally supposed to be a handle. I wanted a short domain name. Five characters is the minimum number of letters you can still hope to find something coherent and I used a website that checks to see if random domain names are avaiable.
  3. My first webpage was created around 1998. I had created a page for Ultima Online and used it to update my adventures (or lack thereof). At that time, I thought that web development was just basic HTML and since I'm not visually oriented, I abandoned it pretty quickly.
  4. My first real foray into web development began because I was trying to create a Reddit clone. It was probably 2011. I got this idea in my head that I would create a Reddit clone. My version of Reddit was less democratic and more capitalistic. I introduced scarcity into the Reddit model. So rather than an infinite amount of subreddits, there were a scarce amount of subreddits that were opened up on a regular basis, making it to where people had to compete for control of the subreddits and rather a vote based system, it was more like a bid or auction based system.
  5. I genuinely fear the mobile hegemony. In many ways, I feel like I'm running to catch a train going nowhere. PHP is a universally disrespected language. Web development is far less important than mobile development. Obviously, the wise thing to do would be to abandon my web development for mobile development, but then I fear that I would just be jumping from one tech stack to another, trying to stay relevant and ultimately failing to be competent in anything.
  6. I'm overflowing with ideas. I know implementation matters more than ideas but I'm truly inspired by my work. It seems like nearly every other day I'm coming up with new programming projects or business ideas. In the past, I used to agonize over ways to make money. Ultimately, none of them were really pursued because they all required the same thing: work. There was no easy solution to economic mediocrity. It was Elon Musk who changed things for me. It became less about how do I make money to how do I solve a problem in my life that could possibly create an economic advantage for me. Solving problems comes naturally to me. Working for the sake of working does not.
  7. On December 13, 2016, my reddit account was suspended for three days. This kinda put the kibosh on my promotion of Random Question Of The Day. Not sure where else I can promote it.
  8. This text only format (as of 08/02/17) is very purposeful. There's something that I've always found really beautiful about a text only format. For a while, I was using lynx to browse the web and while limiting, I enjoyed that aesthetic.
  9. As of 02/19/18, I've decided to go away from the text only aesthetic, mainly as an exercise to learn more web design and front end.
  10. I aspire to work 12 hours per day every day to eventually become wealthy. I fail a lot at this and I'm okay with that.